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EU Rules & Regulations Updated

EU Rules Regulations UpdatedBRUSSELS, Belgium ĘC The anti-dumping duties; the CEN safety standards together with lots of other rules and regulation implemented by the European Union for bicycles have been keeping many people busy in the cycle industry. Being successful in the bike business in Europe requires detailed knowledge of the European laws and regulations for bicycles and bike products.
To keep you informed as best possible Bike Europe has update all relevant EU Rules & Regulations files for 2009 on its website.

On our EU Rules & Regulations page you can find all about:

  • EPAC Standard Comes with Electro Magnetic Compatibility Requirements
  • EU modernizes customs procedures and makes imports safer
  • EU Legislation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • VAT Reduction on All Bicycle Products and Services
  • EU-Commission Appoints Trade Hearing Officer
  • Trade Defense Mechanisms under Review
  • Rapid Exchange of Information on Unsafe Products
  • European Standard for Childs Seats for Bicycles
  • Anti-Circumvention Duties under Review
  • Anti-Dumping Duties on Chinese Saddles
  • Anti-Circumvention Duties on Certain Chinese Parts
  • CEN Safety Standards for Bicycles Acknowledged by European Commission
  • No Dumping Duties on Chinese E-Bikes and PedelecsTighter checks on EU imports
  • Dumping Investigation on Chinese Made Saddles
  • Timetable Anti-Dumping and Anti-Circumvention Measures
  • Preferential Import Duty Rates
  • New Generalised System of Preferences for 2009 - 2012
  • Duties on the Internet